Stakeholders Relations and Corporate Affairs

The Stakeholders Relations and Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for Meatco's stakeholder engagement activites. Our most important members are the communal, emerging and commercial farmers, hardworking men and women who form the foundation of the Namibian slaughter livestock industry.

Corporate Affairs

We use the MeatUS, Meatco News, Enews, SMS and other platforms to disseminate information. It’s a two-way form of communication whereby we inform the nation and staff about the many activities of the Corporation and in industry, and also encourage our staff to tell us about themselves so that we can fine-tune the balance between business and the Meatco culture in our communications.

Though this communication we also keep reinforcing the vision and mission of Meatco, our business plans and our  role in the Corporation.

Stakeholders Relations

As much as it is important maintaining relationships within Meatco, our relationships with our external stakeholders are equally important. We ensure that we are close to key people in the industry and interact regulary with Government on important matters of mutual interest.

We sensitise stakeholders on the dynamics of the export business and how Meatco plays a big role in contributing to the Namibian economy. Relationships with our line Ministries, particularly the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises and  the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, are vital as they can influence decisions that affect our producers.

It is critical to our succes that we maintain a great balance of relations with both our producers and industry decision makers.