Our Markets

Value and Markets

The highest value comes from our international markets. These include the United Kingdom and Norway markets, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and others. We export the bulk of our best cuts, mostly from the hindquarter, to these countries because that is where we get the highest value for these cuts.

Being able to export to the European Union (EU) for Meatco, means we have to maintain very high standards. With these high standards come the potential to unlock other high-value markets, such as the American markets, for example. The potential unlocking of these bigger markets will mean more value for the Meatco producer and market diversification opportunities.

Meatco’s best market in Africa is neighbouring country South Africa, and this is where the Corporation exports more than 40 percent of its volumes. Because of the population size, income levels and proximity, the South African market remains a lucrative market for some of our cuts.

 The Local Market

Although the local market is not a high value market compared to the international and South African markets, it is strategic for Meatco.
The local market is key to our business. We need the raw material (the cattle) provided locally in order for us to be able to sell high value cuts to our international markets in the first place. That means we need to act as a supplier in the local beef market to ensure we maintain our share of local raw materials.

With all the markets in which Meatco operates, the benefits for Namibia and its people are immense. In 2014 we launched our local brand, MeatMa, and in addition to the outlet next to our head office in Windhoek, we added a second MeatMa outlet in Okahandja which provides an affordable, high-quality protein product directly to the Namibian public. A third outlet, in Oshakati, opened on 3rd July 2015 and serves our customers in this Oshana Region town.

The Corporation’s commitment to feeding our nation in a cost-effective way is now reflected in the fact that a range of value-added and other Meatco products are available at our own outlets, wholesale partners, and retail groups such as Metro.