The Importance of DVS Clinical Declaration Form

29 Mar 2019

Meatco strives to be a key player in various niche markets and, more so, in the newly developed markets such as the People’s Republic of China and the USA. It has, therefore, modelled its business to get cattle that are of the highest quality, which can be sold in the best-paying market for each cut of the carcass, thus maximising returns on each cut and animal.

Producers have noticed that there is an additional declaration form attached to the DVS movement permit apart from the usual ones like FAN. This declaration requires farmers to indicate that their animal has not been vaccinated against any lumpy skin disease (LSD) in the last six months with no clinical cases of LSD on the farm for the last 18 months.   This is very important to declare, especially should the cattle be fit for the People’s Republic of China market.  

According to Dr Adrianatus Maseke, Senior Manager for Quality Assurance, Health and Safety, “Meatco does not want to make the process complex to any of our producers, but basically, the permit now has two declarations, which is something that needs to be streamlined into the farmers’ regular processes.”

Currently, China requires a 60-day residence and no LSD for the past 18 months before the animal gets to the abattoir, unlike the EU market with 40-day residence and no lumpy skin declaration requirements.

Dr Maseke encourages the farmers to declare on the livestock movement permits in order to make it easier for Meatco to determine which product goes into what market.


See the additional declaration form below