Ehungiro Village hosts training and information days

01 Feb 2019

     Farmers’ training at Ehungiro: Presentation on marketing via Meatco.


The Otjinene Farmers Association, in collaboration with the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco), Agribank of Namibia (Agribank), Marley Tjitjo Architects and O’Seu Oningandu Investment Close Corporation, held community-based training and information days 15-18 October 2018 in the Otjinene Constituency.

The training was aimed at expanding on farming knowledge and information shared during the previous training held at the village. It also aimed at equipping farmers with knowledge on land use planning while seeking to impart information on how to tackle the impact of poisonous plants on livestock production. Furthermore, the training provided an understanding of the Namibian beef industry and the various marketing channels that are available to farmers through Meatco.

Farmers were also engaged on best livestock management practices such as grass and shrub utilisation by animals as well as foster unity of purpose to ensure collaboration within the community.

As part of the speakers at the event Meatco’s Technical Advisor (TA), Paul Tjaimba was pleased with the attendance of the community from Ehungiro and those from surrounding areas.

“The event was attended by a total of 169 farmers for the four scheduled days. The knowledge disseminated was highly interactive and participants were kept engaged throughout the entire training. Local presenters were also given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge,” Tjaimba said.

“The highlight of the day was Meatco’s donation of premium meat worth N$743, which the farmers enjoyed at the end of each training day,” Tjaimba added.

Topics discussed at the training, among others, were livestock marketing through Meatco, addressing bush encroachment and livestock management, finance and record keeping.

The meeting recommended that an investigation into the possibility of a common marketing strategy through Meatco be conducted followed by a farmers’ exposure visit to Meatco’s Abattoir, Feedlot and Tannery. As a consequence, farmers are advised to deliver and slaughter their cattle at Meatco before the abovementioned tours are undertaken.

    Farmers training at Ehungiro – discussing how to use chemicals to kill poisonous plants.