Meatco-produced beef remains of premium quality

01 Jun 2018

In accordance with the Meat Industry Act of 2002, Namibian meat is free of growth stimulants and hormones.

Meatco producers rear their animals in a natural, free-range environment which is preferred by our clients.

Therefore, Meatco purchases meat from any Namibian farmer committed to these specific livestock farming practices, ensuring an end-product with a unique, tender taste full of flavour.

Meatco uses intensive systems (feedlots) in the production of animals where they are fed naturally produced fodder over a certain period to achieve the required slaughter weight.

In addition, the animal welfare practices used guarantee high quality and healthy meat at all times.

Since animals are not reared in harsh conditions or given feed with additives, the meat remains in an excellent condition.

Executive: Sales and Marketing, Cyprianus Khaiseb, says, “Due to our good hygiene processes from production right through to packaging, we can guarantee a six month shelf-life for our meat because of the high standards Meatco continues to operate in.”

At the abattoir stage, basic requirements such as hygiene systems, quality systems, and conditions under which animals are slaughtered and the temperature controls, in which the meat is stored, are of an exceptional standard.

By adhering to these requirements, Meatco ensures that the final product is of the best quality for both local and international clients.

Meatco producers undergo the necessary training on how to produce good quality animals for the markets through the Meat Board’s Farm Assured Namibian Meat scheme (FANMeat).