Notice: Meatco clarifies weekly produce price changes

23 Mar 2018

In a bid to remain a successful and profitable business in the interest of producers, Meatco recently increased producer prices to a record high.

Prices currently range from N$40.95 for C-grades to N$46.95 for A-grades for 260kg carcasses.

With the recent price changes, Meatco now has equalised on the N$2.50 premium for all B-grades. In other words, all B-grades will now receive the announced price.  

On the announced 0-grade prices, there is now a N$2.00 penalty on carcasses with a body conformation of below 3. In the same vein, the premium for 0-grades with a body conformation of 3 and above, no longer exists.

Through this initiative Meatco would like to stimulate direct marketing with our valued producers and as a result, we have adjusted our prices to make provision for this.