The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) is committed to maintaining professionalism, transparency, and fairness during the execution of all our procurement transactions.

Consultancy (1)
Title Deadline Days Left View
Pest Control-RFO 14-Oct-2022 15  view
Non-Consultancy (1)
Title Deadline Days Left View
Pre-Qualification for Transportation of Frozen and Chilled Products-ONB 21-Oct-2022 22  view
Goods (4)
Title Deadline Days Left View
Supply and Delivery of Fuel Lubricants-RB 14-Oct-2022 15  view
Supply and Delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-ONB 17-Oct-2022 18  view
Supply and Delivery of Wooden Pallet 24-Oct-2022 25  view
Pre-Qualification of Corrugated Boxes 28-Oct-2022 29  view
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