Marketing Sales, Logistics and Compliance

The Marketing Sales, Logistics and Compliance Department at Meatco is another of the Corporations's important departments. The Department exists to ensure that our excellent quality meat products reach as many markets as possible. Meatco’s Value Addition sub-division continuously keeps up to date in terms of adding value to the overall processing of carcasses. Our international markets include the EU, Norway, the UK, Reunion and North Africa, and regionally South Africa is our main client.


Nature Reserve brand


Our Natures Reserve brand is Meatco’s commitment  to continue to supply our international customers with a product which has gradually cemented itself across key European markets as a high quality meat product. We do this in an environment that is certified to have some of the highest quality and food safety standards in the world, and we do it with natural product raised in the grass fields of sub-saharan Africa.

Natures Reserve is our flagship brand, and brings together everything we stand for.

MeatMa brand


Meatco launched the “MeatMa" brand on 28 August 2014 in support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s “Growth at Home” focus, which aims to diversify the economy and encourage local value addition and manufacturing.


Meatco produces and sells value added products under the MeatMA brand to the local Namibian market. The objective is to consistently provide the Namibian nation with a protein basket containing high quality, affordable, hygienic meat that guarantees value for money. All MeatMa products are produced according to Meatco’s strict quality practices, because our customers deserve the best. MeatMa products are sold at various dedicated outlets around Namibia. 


Our Cannery Department that is currently closed due to exploring sustainable operational initiatives has been part of our producton since the early 1980s. The Texan, Eloolo and Ranch brands - which are household names in Namibia and across southern Africa - are part of a long and proud tradition for Meatco. The Longhorn brand was mainly developed in order to create a platform for launching new products in to the local and regional market.

Our cannery products are widely consumed in the SADC region, and have also found it’s space within the West African market, namely in Nigeria at this stage.

The cannery also has a wide range of products, such as Viennas, Chicken Loaf and Luncheon Roll, designed for the domestic and regional market.. All these products will be available in a 400g round can, which extends our product range which previously consisted only of 300g square cans. These investments relate to Meatco’s commitment to grow the business and provide our clients with affordable protein products. All our canned products are produced under stringent regulatory requirements and supervision, and have a guaranteed shelf life of five years in a room temperature environment.

Our canned products are ISO-HACCP and Halaal certified.


With the systems currently in place we are also able to trace our meat products, and if a problem IS detected, we can easily trace back to the cattle that was the source.


                                                                                1. Windhoek factory, including Cannery


Certificate Meat Corporation of Namibia

Certificate BRCGS Food Meatco Windhoek November 2022


DVS Approval Certificate 2023


Halaal Beef 2023


Meat Board Windhoek

Meat Board Okahandja

FAN Meat Certificate 2023