Meatco's MSU slaughter figures for June, July 2021

20 Aug 2021

The Meatco Mobile Slaughter Unit (MSU), situated west of Matumbo Ribebe Quarantine Camp 50km southeast of Rundu, continues to serve producers in Kavango East, West and those in Tsumkwe, Otjozondjupa Region.

In June this year, the MSU slaughtered a total of 80 animals, whose age distribution was, A-grades (7), AB-grades (25), B-grades (13) and C-grades (35). The fat grade distribution of these slaughtered animals was 0 fat grade 5, 1-11, 2-16 and 3-4, while the average live weight was 502.37kg and the average carcass weight was 233.84kg.

This capacity of slaughtered animals was attributed mainly to the producers’ understanding of the type of cattle required at the MSU in terms of age, fat grade and quality of animals.

Since the introduction of the MSU, procurement officers have been selecting cattle based on these requirements and the producers are now equipped to deliver the required cattle according to the requirements. 

Animals slaughtered during this month were also well fed as producers were able to hold back and round them off properly due to the rainfall received earlier this year before winter started.

Under the same period in July, a total of 114 animals were slaughtered. This significant increase could be because of resumption slaughter in the second week of July. The age distribution was A-grades (21), AB-grades (47), B-grades (20), and C-grades (26), while the number of animals with a 0 fat grade were 9, 1-57, 2-48 and 3-0. The average weight was 402.71kg and the average carcass weight was 186kg.

The reason for the low carcass weight was that more younger animals were slaughtered, however, they had good fat grades.  

Overall, the reduction in the number of cattle slaughtered was attributed to a problem with the split saw, which lasted for two weeks in June and a week in July, resulting in no production activities during these times. Furthermore, the last week of each month is always a stock-taking week at the MSU.

Meatco is inviting producers in the areas mentioned above to register with our Procurement Officer either at the MSU to receive the announced price or arrange for an on-farm inspection of their cattle, after which they will get a delivery date.  

Producers can contact Livestock Procurement Officer, Daniel Hangula, at 081 278 9166 or Livestock Procurement Manager: Northern Communal Area, Thimoteus Kativa, at 081 274 5984 for assistance.