Notice: Completion of Departure Registers

23 Apr 2021

When sending cattle for slaughter to the Windhoek Abattoir, producers must:

  1. Make sure the Departure Register at the back of the Directorate of Veterinary Services Movement Permit is completed in full.  
  2. Write (YES or NO) next to the ear tag number of animals loaded or not on the Departure Register.
  3. Fill in ‘Yes’ for animals on the truck.
  4. The producer must fill in ‘No’ for the animals that are not loaded.

For instance, a producer that loads only 20 cattle for slaughter cannot have 40 numbers on the Departure Register at the back of the permit unmarked. Next to each ear tag number, the producer should indicate whether the animals are loaded with a ‘Yes’ or not loaded with a ‘No’.

This is to cut on the unnecessary time offloading personnel spend verifying ear tags after cattle have been offloaded.