Meatco Foundation update

05 Mar 2021

Executive Meatco Foundation, Kuniberth Shamathe.

The Meatco Foundation is introducing a project that is jointly funded with Meatco and the Norwegian Group, UNIL, at Okahungu Village, also known as Gorises, 20 km from Otjinene in Omaheke Region.

In the first phase, the Foundation will be building a borehole and installing solar panels as well as water tanks for the supply of water to the community and their livestock. Furthermore, a study is currently underway to conduct or investigate how to alleviate or treat Dichapetalum Cymosum commonly known as poison leaf (gifblaar) that has been killing thousands of cattle in various parts of the Omaheke Region.

The proposal that was submitted in November 2020, was approved in January this year.

According to the Foundation, through Meatco as per our mandate, seeing this project to fruition will give us a great sense of relief as we always strive to make an impact in the livelihoods of communal farmers throughout Namibia.