Meatco to adopt a multidisciplinary approach in sourcing cattle

02 Oct 2020

The Meatco Livestock Production and Value-addition Department will undergo major transformations in a quest to service all livestock producers of Namibia regardless of their location.

The department will adopt a market-driven livestock production system, where it will help farmers develop livestock production systems that are in line with market demands.

One of the major changes is to introduce night classes and a Producer Forum where, under the Livestock Production and Value-addition Department, Meatco will offer farmers extension services, advising and educating them so that they align quality with their livestock production systems.

This multi-disciplinary approach, through workshops, mentoring and advisory services by collaborating with key players in the agriculture industry, will enable Namibian farmers to revive the livestock sector again. The sector is recovering after the devastating 2019 drought, and as such concerted efforts are required.

To this end, the department that is now referred to as Livestock Production and Value-Addition will have a senior manager, who is responsible for agriculture, extension and advisory services. Abrie van Wyk will assume this function while Patrick Liebenberg will oversee overall livestock procurement, both commercial and communal.

According to Meatco’s Chief Executive Officer Mwilima Mushokabanji, his strategic focus is to make the organisation competitive and agile. 

There are also plans to re-open the Grootfontein, Otjiwarongo and Gobabis offices to ease the producers’ access to Meatco again.


Effective 1 October 2020, the department will have key managers, namely:

George Kotze               Executive Livestock Production and Value Addition

Abrie van Wyk             Manager Agriculture, Extension and Advisory Services

Estie Kwenani              Feedlot and Tannery

Veko Katjivena            Manager Administration, Livestock Production and Value Addition

Johan Goosen             Cannery  

Patrick Liebenberg      Procurement Commercial and Communal