Notice: Completion of DVS Health Declaration for slaughtering animals at Meatco

11 Sep 2020


Meatco is compelling producers, who are applying for a Movement Permit to Meatco’s Export Abattoir, to provide proof that their animals were vaccinated against anthrax within 12 months before delivery of animals to the abattoir.

According to Section 71 of the Animal Health Regulations under the Animal Health Act, 1 of 2011, producers are required to vaccinate their animals annually against anthrax.

Producers should also indicate that for the past 18 months, the animals did not have any Lumpy Skin Disease clinical cases, and that the animals were not vaccinated against Lumpy Skin Disease within 60 days before delivery for slaughter.

Meatco encourages producers to clearly and correctly indicate on the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) Declaration Form that the date of vaccination of a specific animal delivered for slaughter is not older than 12 months. 

Producers, who are experiencing difficulties with completing the form, can contact Meatco’s Procurement Clerk, Elvis Uanivi @ e-mail address or telephone 061 321 6019 or 081 230 0845 for assistance.

Meatco thanks producers for their continuous cooperation and support.