Meatco Procures at Talismanus through its permit day

04 Sep 2020

On Thursday, 28 August 2020 Meatco's Livestock Production and value-addition Department set out to specifically procure 40/90 days compliant slaughter ready animals from farmers in Talismanus, Omaheke Region.

At the permit day, Meatco procured a total number of 98 animals of which 90% were cows 5% oxen and bulls respectively. Meatco’s purchase requirements were a minimum live weight of 400 kgs and a medium fat cover with a good body conformation.

Additionally, although not all the animals brought to the selling point were compliant to the 40/90-days NAMLITS requirements, Meatco proceeded to procure the animals with a weight of 400 kgs. These animals have been transported to the Annasruh Feedlot holding pans to become fully compliant with the 40/90-days before slaughtering. 

According to Meacto, the interest from farmers in the area was outstanding. The focus of the procurement action was to identify producers that have good quality slaughter ready cattle available and proof to them that Meatco is a viable marketing option or partner for their cattle.

The long-term aim of the Livestock Production and value-addition team is to assist, and support producers become independent in the direct delivery of cattle to Meatco.

Meatco’s communal permit days in the near future will play an increasingly important role in securing slaughter ready cattle for our export abattoir. The concept allows for the procurement of animals brought by communal farmers to a centralised point and purchased immediately.  This procurement action benefits communal farmers greatly as they can save on auction commissions and transport cost while having an added advantage of knowing beforehand what the price per/ kg will be from his/her farm’s gate.

Meatco’s Livestock Production and value-addition Communal Team will safeguard to work closely with communal farmers associations and marketing committees to enhance regional and rural trade of livestock by putting money back into the pockets of the producers and the supporting marketing stakeholders.