Movement of cloven-hoofed animals for slaughter

17 Jul 2020

On Tuesday, 7 July 2020, the Directorate of Veterinary Services circulated DVS Circular V7/2020 for the attention of all DVS staff members, livestock producers and other relevant stakeholders.

The circular authorises and operationalises section 88(7)(c) of the Animal Health Regulations of the Animal Health Act 1, 2011 published under the Government Notice No.358 of 28 December 2018.

Movement of cloven-hoofed animals from the surveillance area is authorised for direct slaughter without prior isolation under the following circumstances:

  • Animals are destined to an abattoir registered under the Meat Industry Act, 12 of 1981.
  • Animals must be moved in sealed vehicles, the seal numbers endorsed on the permit and verified by the veterinary officials at origin and destination.

In addition, under the animal health regulations, the previously known surveillance zone has been superseded by the surveillance area. As a result, all circulars referring to the surveillance zone are null and void.