Message from Newly Appointed Meatco Board

15 May 2020

Meatco Board of Directors Chairperson, Johnnie Hamman.


It is with sincere dignity and humility that I would like to share some of my thoughts and beliefs with our members, producers, clients and Meatco personnel.

The new members of the Meatco Board of Directors assumed their duties on 1 May 2020 after Honourable Minister of State Enterprises, Minister Leon Jooste formally appointed them.

The board held its first inaugural board meeting on Wednesday, 6 May 2020, and met with the CEO, Mr Mushokabanji Mwilima, and the entire Executive Committee and other Heads of Department.

In my welcoming address, I made several statements and remarks which I sincerely believe in and I would like to share some of these sentiments with you, our members, staff and all producers farming within the large livestock industry.

The principle of inclusivity must play an integral part in taking Meatco forward and no one should be left out.

Producers farming with cattle throughout the country must be able to partake, those south and north of the veterinary cordon, commercial, communal and upcoming farmers must be included.

The communication channels between our members, those delivering cattle to Meatco and those that presently prefer to deliver their cattle somewhere else must once again receive the deserved attention.

The concerns of our producers must be attended to and, as communication is always a two-way street, producers must also be properly informed of the challenges Meatco faces and what is required from our clients to ensure a good and sustainable product to enhance the fantastic brand Meatco is famously known for internationally.

Meatco plays a critical and pivotal role in the Namibian economy, the meat and export industry and it must always remain our goal to ensure that this Jewel of Commerce, with such a fantastic established brand continues to excel and to serve the interests of our producers and the Namibian nation.

I regard our Government of the Republic of Namibia as our biggest partner, who through our new line ministry, the Ministry of Public Enterprises, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Resettlement and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, together with many other departments, associations and affiliations must create a stable environment in which Meatco can flourish

Johnnie Hamman

Chairperson: Meatco Board of Directors