Agriculture Ministerial Annual Address

21 Feb 2020

On 17 February 2020, the Minister of Agriculture Water and Forestry, Honourable Alpheus !Naruseb, delivered his Ministerial Annual Address to the various stakeholders resorting under the ministry.

!Naruseb recognised the presence of the various Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers and General Managers from several State-Owned Enterprises under his ministry. He highlighted that the meeting afforded him an opportunity to address the stakeholders on issues of critical importance.

He said Namibia is consciously guided by Vision 2030 that states that the nation's dream is to see that our country is a developed and industrialised state, where all the citizens live in peace, harmony and prosperity, a dream supported by the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

“We are left with only nine years, 10 months and 12 days to hit 1 January 2030, by which time the agricultural industry should have stood together and contributed to the growth of the sector using the limited resources at its disposal effectively,"!Naruseb said.

He said this should be attained through the strategic themes or pillars of the agriculture ministry, concluded that this is to which are sustainable livestock and forest management, water and sanitation enhancement, sustainable food production and value-chain development and market orientation.

He also cited the ministry’s objectives, “which are to ensure optimal management and utilisation of forest resources, ensure animal health, ensure food and security in Namibia and promote the adoption of productivity while enhancing technologies for effective co-operative development", as important in this endeavour.

This, he said, would promote efficient agricultural marketing systems to increase food production and productivity in prioritised areas while enhancing water security for human consumption, livestock and industry development to improve sustainable management as well as utilisation of the country’s scarce water resources.

The agriculture minister urged the sector to work together and collaborate their efforts for a prosperous Namibia.