Meatco awarded Norway quota allocation

07 Feb 2020

In October 2019, eligible organisations were invited to apply to the Meat Board of Namibia for a share in the Norway beef quota 2020 available to Namibia for the production and export of beef to that country.

Meatco has been awarded 87.5% of the total quota translating into 1 400 tonnes of beef to the Norwegian market, which is a big achievement for the corporation that continues to strive, albeit in a tumultuous economic downturn coupled by recurring drought conditions.

Norway offers Namibia a remarkably lucrative market and it is hoped that many producers would benefit by utilising it.

The sharing and allocation of the Norway beef quota 2020 of 1,600 tonnes is done in accordance with the cabinet directive for the export of beef to Norway as well as the Meat Board’s Norway beef quota standard operating procedures.

According to Marketing & Sales Executive, Isaack Nathinge, the Norway quota allocation comes at a crucial time when the company needs to maximise revenue from every kilogram exported.

“The annual Norway quota generates significant foreign currency for the meat industry in Namibia, thus delivering less than the 1 600 tonnes is not an option. It remains critical to the success of Meatco to provide the producer with access to lucrative markets to maximise the returns,” says Nathinge.

By fulfilling the quota, Meatco continues to serve niche markets and placing the Natures Reserve product range onto the shelves that would bring maximum yields for the producers.