22 Oct 2019

Dear Producer,
Please find below, further information regarding the use of proxies as per Meatco Members’ Meeting Standard Rules and Procedures

Section 2

2.4 Members who also act as proxy holders for other Members shall register the proxies they hold not later than 48 (forty-eight) hours before the Special Members' Meeting has been scheduled by delivering the proxies either by email or fax to the Advisor: Legal & Compliance/Company Secretary of Meatco. The original proxies will be delivered to the Chairperson at the commencement of the Special Members' Meeting, who shall then announce the proxies to the meeting. In this regard, the 48 hours within which proxies should be received by Meatco expires at 09h00 (a.m.) on 30 October 2019.

2.4.3 The proxy holder shall hold a maximum of two (2) proxies. (NB): The proxy forms distributed earlier incorrectly refer to 10 proxies per person, kindly note that a member may only hold up to 2 proxies on behalf of other members according to the Rules)

Please also see attached the Proxy Form and Meatco Members’ Meeting Standard Rules and procedures for your reference.

Special Members’ Meeting Proxy Form


Meeting Standard Rules and Procedures