Notice: Important information to producers upon animal delivery

13 Sep 2019

At Meatco, the official ear tag is the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) (on the button). Therefore, animals offloaded at Meatco will undergo verification of the 40/90 days, according to the RFID Ear Tag, whereas the visual ear tag will only be verified if the RFID tag is missing.

Of late, Meatco’s Export Abattoir has been experiencing arise in the number of animals arriving with neither the RFID Ear Tag nor the visual ear tag. Meatco cautions both producers and transporters to ensure that animals arrive with both NAMLITS ear tags upon offloading.

It should be noted that animals arriving without ear tags will not be slaughtered, and they will be sent back to the establishment of origin. This will translate into economic losses for the producers, and Meatco.

In the same vein, due to the persistent drought, animal conditions are deteriorating rapidly, therefore, Meatco urges producers not to load lean weak animals and those that are in their late stages of pregnancy. As this will result in animals laying down (and will be considered as non-ambulatory disabled animals) on the track upon arrival as well as at the waiting pens making them unfit for slaughter. And consequently, resulting in losses for Meatco and the producers since not everyone has insurance on their cattle.

Meatco thanks producers for their cooperation and support.