Namibian Beef: A taste like no other

23 Aug 2019

In our efforts to become a leading and admired provider of premium products to niche markets, we have assumed the responsibility of running our business in accordance with the highest technical, ethical, social and environmental practices.

In addition, Meatco’s export abattoir in Windhoek holds an ‘A’ grading in terms of the internationally recognised British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards. The BRC measures ethical and fair practices, animal welfare, and corporate social responsibility, as well as technical and operational factors in food production.

The heart of Meatco’s business is, of course, its cattle producers. We act as a value-adding and marketing operation on behalf of producers and pass the value gained from various markets back to them through the producer price paid for cattle.

Meatco’s customers include high-end premium retail outlets, restaurant groups, processors and manufacturers. Natures Reserve is our flagship product range and encapsulates everything that is good about our product. Natures Reserve beef is among the best quality beef in the world, produced naturally and to the highest standards. There are various products available under the Natures Reserve brand, including standard primal cuts as well products developed specifically for some of our global clients.

Natures Reserve beef is ISO-, HACCP- and Halaal-certified, and can be traced back all the way to the farm of origin.

As a significant contributor to the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development’s “Growth at Home Strategy”, Meatco avails its exceptional export quality beef cuts locally to Food Lover’s Market.

Primal cuts such as rump, fillet, striploin, silverside and topside are available to Namibians at a relatively fair price in accordance with export quality standards.