Notice: Abide by delivery dates during this abnormal peak season

05 Jul 2019

Meatco is encouraging producers to always thoroughly read their Sales Advice and make sure they offload animals on the correct delivery dates.

Additionally, producers should ensure that all documentation accompanying animals to Meatco’s Export Abattoir is in order. It is imperative that producers remember to complete their China Declaration Forms issued along with the Movement Permit.

Adhering to delivery dates ensures a smooth slaughter plan at factory level during the peak season in which Meatco is operating under. Furthermore, it prevents producers from incurring unnecessary costs, as loads delivered on wrong dates run the risk of being sent back to the establishment.

According to Production Manager, Lawrence Karumendu, animal welfare regulations require that animals be slaughtered the day after arrival. Because of the high cattle numbers, the Meatco Factory does not have extra holding pens to carry over animals to the following slaughter day. “We aim to slaughter all animals on the day as planned,” said Karumendu.

“Meatco is aware that getting transport to carry a huge numbers of animals (big loads) might be a challenge during these busy times and producers might be tempted to transport half loads the day before the actual delivery day,” Karumendu adds.

Meatco thanks producers for their cooperation and support.