The role of marketing during beef exporting

28 Jun 2019

The marketing business unit consistently ensures the spread of Meatco’s products across markets as efficiently as possible to reduce client dissatisfaction and risk exposure.

This is achieved through the “Go-ahead” furnished by the department before any load destined for international markets leaves Meatco's premises.  The department (from both its Windhoek and the United Kingdom (UK) offices), together with various parties, sees to it that consignments move towards the different Ports of Delivery well in time to meet clientele expectations. The parties the department works with include Woker Freight Services ‑ a clearing and forwarding agent, Namibian Customs and Excise, the Meat Board of Namibia, the Directorate of Veterinary Services, Indilinga System Design and Logistics and Meatco’s Halaal division involved in the documentation process.

According to Chief Clerk: Exports, Michelene Eises, the marketing department is responsible for ensuring that the final documentation accompanying each load corresponds with a specific consignment. Documentation is thoroughly verified through both the local and UK offices to avoid any discrepancies.

“All trucks carrying export beef coming from our dispatch unit cannot depart from the factory without the authorisation of the marketing department unless all systems are in place and the required documentation is presented correctly. Therefore, as part of the Meatco family, we feel a sense of pride in our work when fellow colleagues acknowledge and tell us that trucks and containers are moving and reaching markets,” Eises added.

In addition, the two ports through which Meatco’s beef is shipped are Table Bay Cold Storage in Cape Town and Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) in Walvis Bay that are utilised for all direct loads to specific markets.  

The estimated time consignments take to reach a market is highly dependent on the shipping line used.