Meatco QA standards match up to high production

07 Jun 2019

Meatco quality assurance (QA) personnel are continually monitoring incoming raw products to ensure compliance with compositional and microbiological standards, and government regulations.

Due to many factors, slaughter demand remains high and Meatco is doing its best to service the needs of the farmers due to the prevailing difficult drought conditions. Drought, along with other factors, has seen the abattoir slaughtering on weekends and public holidays in order to accommodate the farmers’ need for slaughter.

Despite the increase in production, it is important for staff to maintain their usual hygiene and it is important to do it right every time to maintain world-class hygiene standards at all times.

QA standards remain high with low issues arising despite an upsurge in the number of animals slaughtered daily.

According to Meatco Laboratory Manager, Kali Shapwa, Meatco does not compromise on the quality of beef. "It is the best or nothing at all times, to keep the trust our clients have in our meat – from when it is delivered to our abattoirs until the time it leaves," Shapwa says.

Ethics of food is very important because people must consume food to live, and that is why we cannot prevent the risk connected with food.

However, given all the processing in the abattoirs, it is essential that quality assurance is maintained. All Meatco's processes are in keeping with international standards, and testing of the meat is done daily at Meatco's internal laboratory.