PROPOSED DROUGHT RELIEF INTERVENTIONS FOR THE 2019/2020 FINANCIAL YEAR: (Submitted by the Minister Agriculture, Water and Forestry)

22 Mar 2019

1.1 Cabinet endorsed the 2019/2020 Comprehensive Drought Intervention amounting to N$572,700,000 to cover the following:

a) Food Assistance;

b) Water Tankers;

c) Livestock Management Incentives;

d) Transport Subsidy to and from grazing areas, and transport for fodder;

e) Lease of Grazing Area;

f) Subsidy for Crop Farmers;

g) Lick Supplement for lock herd (new emergency relief intervention); and

h) Fodder Subsidy for the core herd (new emergency relief intervention).

1.2 Cabinet urged O/M/As, such as Ministries of Defence, and Health and Social

Services to avail facilities and support the implementation of drought relief interventions; and

1.3 Cabinet directed that all funds towards the drought relief interventions be channelled through the National Emergency Disaster Fund.

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