Meatco markets

25 Jan 2019

The beef industry, being a major exporting entity globally, undergoes constant changes in terms of access to overseas markets; markets that affect the profitability of both livestock producers and meat processors like Meatco.

The marketing and sales department is one of Meatco’s key departments which ensures that the organisation’s excellent quality meat products reach as many markets as possible, including the European Union, Norway, the United Kingdom, Reunion and selected countries in Africa. Meatco, in the past few years, has been seeking access to lucrative markets in the United States and Asia (particularly China).

Meatco is constantly looking to access new lucrative markets in order to get maximum returns for producers. According to Meatco’s Cheryl Dookie, the organisation successfully exported a sample of beef to the US Market at the end of 2018.

“This was a great achievement, as the US health and customs protocols are quite onerous. The product was well received by potential customers, obviously most companies, including us, took a break over the Christmas period. However, we are now in the process of re-establishing contact with customers to follow up the sampling and look at required next steps” said Dookie.

Meatco Namibia supplies international customers with a high quality meat product that has cemented itself across key European markets, while Wholesale and MeatMa provide products for the local market.