22 Oct 2018

As stipulated in Section 5 (3) of the Meatco Act the one of 2001, Minister has called for the Chairperson to convene a meeting of the interest group concerned to nominate (4) persons for his consideration and fill the vacancy of the Director representing the interests of commercial farmers.
At the venue:
07:00 – 08:00 Registration

  • Step 1         Membership verification, and new membership registration
  • Step 2         Proxy membership verification
  • Step 3         Verification of commercial farmer’s declaration

08:00 – 11:00 Special Members’ Feedback Meeting
11:00 – 11:30 Tea/Coffee Break

  • Step 4         Commercial Producers' to exchange declaration form for a ballot paper
  • Step 5         Registration/verification of members not in attendance of the earlier meeting

11:30 – 13:00 Special Members’ Meeting Nomination

  • Step 6         Company Secretary to explain voting process
  • Step 7         Introduction of nominees
  • Step 8         Voting
  • Step 9         Auditors to verify voting process and results
  • Step 10      Announcement of successful nominees


  1. Proxies:
  • Principal member shall mean the person (Meatco member) giving his proxy to another
  • Proxy shall mean the person authorised by the principal member to attend, speak and vote on the latter’s stead.
  • Each member may receive a maximum of 10 proxies for purposes of voting on the day.
  • The principal member and his/her/its Proxy must both be active Meatco members and commercial producer
  • Each Proxy form must be accompanied by the relevant principal member’s declaration as a commercial producer.
  1. Voting Process of (4) Nominees:
  1. Members will receive a ballot paper reflecting all qualifying nominees
  2. Members to cast one (1) vote for their preferred nominee
  3. Ballot boxes to be opened and votes counted/tallied
  4. Company Secretary to oversee process
  5. Auditors to validate the counting process (spoilt ballot/number of votes/ attendance register/proxies received)
  6. Chairperson announces Top (4) Candidates with highest votes 
  7. Candidates’ names recorded for the attention of the Minister

NOTICE: For ease of processing, all members are urged to submit the duly completed proxy forms and declarations beforehand to 

Click below to download Proxy Form and Declaration Form

Proxy Form-Special Members' Meeting

Declaration Form-Commercial Producers'