Halaal and its significance at Meatco

05 Oct 2018

Halaal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permissible. This is not only used referring to food or meat products but also to pharmaceutical or cosmetic products. 

Similarly, at Meatco, Halaal is a requirement or specification permissible to clients and that provides them with a competitive edge. It further gives the end-users the reassurance of consuming meat that is pure in that animals do not suffer during death and slaughtering of the animals is carried out by a Muslim according to Islamic requirements. Additionally, Halaal requirements stipulate that processed, produced, manufactured and/or stored utensils, equipment and machinery used should be cleansed according to Islamic Law.

According to Meatco’s Halaal Inspector, Klaus van Niel, business wise customers that purchase meat from Meatco clients require it to be Halaal certified. This means that as an organisation, Meatco must adhere to and follow Halaal specifications to continue satisfying our clients.

“I approve all ingredients used in terms of our canning products, according to their health certificates and to the Halaal specifications. Therefore, the Halaal aspect at Meatco is not only applicable to slaughtering but also to various other products,” Van Niel added.

“There is a verse in the Qur’an (Islamic Holy Book) that says: ‘We make lawful to you the good and the pure things and we make unlawful to you the dirty and the bad things’. Therefore, food contents conducted according to Halaal specifications are pivotal to the Meatco business,” he concluded.

The opposite of Halaal is Haraam, which means unlawful or prohibited. Halaal and Haraam are universal terms that apply to various facets of life. This can vary from food ingredients to food contact materials.