Meatco’s Canning Department gets a clean bill of health from Lucky Star

11 May 2018

Meatco’s Cannery department was audited on 24 April 2018 by Lucky Star Divisional Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager, Michael Young. 

According to Meatco’s Quality Assurance Manager, Hosea Shaanika, the recent findings have shown an improvement in the corned meat products’ manufacturing and packaging systems compared to the previous audit.

The audit, which takes place annually, follows the recent outbreak of Listeriosis in South Africa.

The renowned Meatco customer conducted an audit on hygiene testing and on product safety and the auditor was impressed with the entire process at the plant level.

Meatco’s is yet to receive the final audit report from the certification body, but in the event of any minor findings, they will be rectified and closed off within ten days from the day of receiving the report.

Meatco continues to grow with every audit by constantly improving systems in order to meet the requirements for a successful audit completion. 


Meatco's corned meat product packaged by Lucky Star an Oceana Group Company