Namibians warmly embrace the MeatMa product brand

06 Apr 2018

Namibians in 2017 consumed through MeatMa outlets over 500,000 kg of Soup-bones and Stewing neck, as well as 215,000 kg of wors and patties country-wide.

The Meat Marketing Africa (MeatMa) product brand was launched by Meatco in April 2014.

MeatMa opened its first retail outlet in August 2014 next to Meatco’s Head Office in Windhoek and a second outlet in February 2015 at the Meatco Factory in Okahandja. The third outlet was launched in July 2015 at Bonanza in Oshakati.

MeatMa was established under the following sets of values:

·      To produce safe and hygienic value for money meat products by using the latest techniques and knowledge available.

·      To train and develop our people giving them the skills to advance and in turn pass on new skills to others.

·      To maximise our involvement in the “Growth at Home” strategy.

·      To work with local companies in helping them understand our needs in order to localise more of the supply chain.

·      To add value to Namibian raw materials wherever possible.

The production unit, also referred to as MeatMa Central where value-added products are manufactured, is located at Meatco Wholesale in Windhoek's Northern Industrial Area.

All the products currently available have been researched and developed in Namibia to cater for the various needs of Namibian families offering variety and affordability.

They are subject to Meatco’s strict quality practices like would be expected from a world-class meat exporter.

These retail outlets not only offer sausages, patties, sliced beef or stewing beef produced through MeatMa Central, but also offer a greater basket containing chicken, offal, spices and corned meat products. We have kept the shops "simple" in structure in order to keep the costs low while marketing products at affordable prices to our clients.

At MeatMa’s inception, Meatco teamed up with the Metro Sefalana Group and distributed the products country-wide through their stores.

Today, MeatMa products can also be found at Woermann Brock stores, selected OK Food & Grocer stores, Choppies Supermarkets, Shaamu in Okahandja, Windhoek Cash & Carry and some small butcheries and retailers like Mondesa Mini Market.

The all-time best selling products are the soup-bones and sliced stewing neck which is a true indicator that Namibians enjoy their "bony" meat products. 

The Chakalaka wors, IQF Braaiwors, the Babalaas Wors and Chiefs Choice burger patties have also made their way into many households, adding a variety of tasty proteins.