Effects of inadequate transport conditions on the product

13 Oct 2017

Lately, the number of double deck trucks that deliver cattle to Meatco’s abattoir has increased. While this is conducive and commendable due to the large quantities of animals offloaded per truck, the change in delivery trucks has also given rise to a number of animals arriving with injuries.

Since Meatco’s world-class products fetch a significant premium in carefully chosen markets globally, the company has a responsibility to minimise injuries and producer risks in terms of insurance claims, while maximising producer returns. 

On average two animals per load die while a large number sustain bruises and injuries before arriving at the abattoir. This downgrades the meat and hinders us from obtaining quality meat that meets required standards to export to our premium markets.

For producers to deliver top quality animals, they spend much time, money and expertise preparing suitable slaughter cattle for the market. Therefore it is Meatco’s duty to sensitise producers on how to minimise financial losses before slaughter.

Meatco thanks producers and transporters for their cooperation and understanding regarding Animal Health and Welfare protocols, European Union requirements and transportation regulations. Furthermore, to protect Meatco’s export status, adherence to these requirements remains paramount.