Okahandja Cold Storage -an outstanding achievement

08 Sep 2017

After its conversion earlier this year, Meatco Okahandja Cold Storage has been making exceptional strides as a business unit. The benefits of this arrangement are evident from the ±N$20 000 savings per container Meatco makes by going through Walvis Bay rather than storing and transporting products via the Cape Town route.

Due to Cold Storage operations, Meatco could secure jobs for employees who previously worked at the Okahandja Factory. Furthermore, thanks to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Audit that took place in April and the subsequent obtaining of cold storage certification, the facility can assist other businesses in storing food. This is applicable as long as the facility remains in compliance with all necessary Directorate of Veterinary Services regulations.

Cold Storage is a winner for Meatco and it is even more beneficial because we are making use of our own premises and equipment.