Importance of value addition

18 Aug 2017

Namibia’s Growth at Home Strategy reinforces the importance of accelerating economic growth, reducing income inequality and increasing employment.

Namibia is endowed with valuable resources, and value-addition to these resources is key to creating employment and wealth, and to do away with skewed wealth distribution.

Marketing executive Cyprianus Khaiseb

Meatco is one of the organisations that focuses on value addition to create wealth at home. The first step consists of interventions to support value addition, upgrading and economic diversification through a needs-oriented and comprehensive approach to industrial development and structural transformation of the Namibian economy towards more productive economic activities.

To highlight the unique qualities of our product, Meatco has developed their very own Natures Reserve brand of products, which – along with the Meatco brand – acts as a vehicle to extract the maximum value from international markets for the Corporation’s livestock producers.

The world famous Meatco Beef Fillet

“The local market is key to our business. We need the raw material (cattle) provided locally for us to sell high value cuts to our international markets. This means we also need to act as a supplier in the local beef market to ensure that we maintain our share of local raw materials.”