Deliver only Healthy animals to Meatco

28 Apr 2017

Dr. Kandongo, veterinarian at Meatco urged producers to deliver only healthy animals to the abattoir.  Currently there is still an active Red Cross permit on the abattoir and it is not worth the risk to send animals that might be send back to the farm.

Normally it is not impossible to slaughter animals with old Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) marks.  Although if a producer needs to slaughter such animals the following standard procedure needs to be followed:

1.       Make arrangements with the Coordinator Abattoirs and the Veterinarian on site, prior to the delivery.

2.       Forward a letter from the local VET (or a declaration), to the Coordinator Abattoirs and Veterinarian on site to declare and providing prove, which includes:

a.       A declaration that the animals are healed;

b.      The dates when the animals were affected with LSD and also when it was treated;

c.       Prove of the treatment, by means of invoice no and or batch no of the empty bottles.

Dr. Kandongo however ask that producers do not send any such animals to the abattoir till the LSD outbreak is under control.

Furthermore please take note that hides with lumps are classified as third grade hides. 

Below is a circular sent by the Dr. Maseke, Chief Veterinary Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

Implementation of controlled movement of cattle in Otjizondjupa and Omaheke Regions due to the outbreak of lumpy skin disease

Following the outbreak of Lumpy Skin Disease in a number of state veterinary districts, the Directorate of Veterinary would like to inform the farmers and general public about the implementation of controlled movement of cattle in Otjozondjupa and Omaheke regions in the following state veterinary districts, namely Gobabis, Otjinene, Epukiro, Okakarara, Otavi, Otjiwarongo and Okahandja.

To facilitate safe trade of animals and to protect the market access of Namibian animals, meat and meat products to international markets, in line with the provision Animal health Act, Act 1 of 2011, the following controlled movement will apply with immediate effect until further notice:

  1. Only clinically healthy animals will be allowed to move within the veterinary district with proof that such animals have been vaccinated.
  2. Animals moving out of the veterinary district will only be allowed on condition that they are vaccinated at least 30 days before they move and have been inspected before such a movement.
  3. All the animals moving to the above mentioned affected state veterinary districts must be vaccinated at least 30 days before they moved to the affected state veterinary districts.
  4. The above measures exclude animals destined for slaughter for clinically health animals.

Existing measures pertaining to Lumpy Skin Disease control will remain enforce in the affected areas or places in line with the provision of the Animal health Act.

Once more the Directorate is strongly advising farmers countrywide to vaccinate their cattle against Lumpy Skin Disease, control biting insects and report any suspected Lumpy Skin Disease case to their nearest state veterinary services office as required by law for further investigation and advise.

The Directorate of Veterinary Services further request the full cooperation of farmers and the public during this time to ensure the shortest possible delay to normalization of livestock movement in the affected regions.