Exports to the USA ready to start

16 Sep 2016

12 September 2016 marked the implementation date when Namibia could start exporting meat to the USA.

Meatco began the application process to export meat to that market in 2002 when government requested approval to export meat (beef) products to the United States. Namibia stated that, if approved, its immediate intent was to export boneless raw beef products like primal cuts, chuck, blade and beef trimming. For us to export other beef products, eg. bone-in beef cuts or other types of livestock to the US, Namibia would need to submit additional information for review before the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

Prime Cuts ready for export

Prime Cuts ready for export

On 14 July 2016, the FSIS added Namibia to the list of countries eligible to export meat and meat products to the United States. Meatco is now busy finalizing a few things, such as brand development, packaging and labelling approval.


The entire process will take approximately 3-4 weeks before the first actual export takes place.


Meatco is excited about this milestone that has put Namibia on par with other major world-class players in the beef trade.