Cannery and Tannery operations running smoothly

16 Sep 2016

2016 has been a fairly busy yet productive year for Meatco’s Canning and Tanning operations, with both having to process a healthy amount of products.

The canning plant in particular has produced 8.4 million cans for the year-to-date (YTD), with sales quantities reaching 8.2 million cans. This effectively translates into N$1 638 465 YTD profits.


Canning operations in full swing

According to the canning manager Marco Duvel, all the canned products are HACCP- and Halaal-certified.

Meatco’s canned products are designed for the domestic and regional market, including the Cattleman brand for the Nigerian market. Meatco has already received positive feedback from buyers there, confirming that the foundation has been laid for greater efficiency, flexibility and cost efficiency at the canning plant.

The range of domestic canned brands includes the famed Texan, Eloolo and Ranch corned meat products.

From the tanning side of things, Meatco’s tannery processed more than 18 600 hides for in August 2016. Tannery Manager George Kotze says the tannery uses sophisticated automotive process control equipment to process hides for export markets. This ensures that all hides are produced with the minimum human interference. End-products are destined for Italy as this market returns yields higher than those received locally and from China, both of which are very important markets.

A Meatco employee working with the hides

A Meatco employee working with the hides