Roads Authority responds to farmers request for Brakwater weighbridge exemption

29 Apr 2016

As from 21 April 2016, all animal-carrying trucks are exempt from daily weighing at the Brakwater weighbridge on condition that operators ensure their vehicles are operated and loaded within the boundaries of the law.

This means cattle transporters may pass the Brakwater weighbridge without weighing their trucks.

This move comes after farmers requested Roads Authority for a weighbridge exemption at the Brakwater weighbridge as this often causes a delay in the delivery of cattle to Meatco and is generally not good from an animal welfare perspective.

However, it is important to note that this self-regulation arrangement is not a legal agreement and may be cancelled by Roads Authority at any time.

The producers and transporters greatly appreciate this very kind gesture and the short amount of time it took Roads Authority to find a solution to the farmer’s concern.