Tasting the future

11 Apr 2016

Canning recently held a “blind tasting” to get feedback from consumers on how best to improve product taste and ultimately produce the best quality canned goods. Meatco’s brands in many of our markets are household names that are trusted and respected by our established customer base. Meatco Namibia’s canned foods help bring nutritional diversity to the diet, without sacrificing nutritional quality.

Many people are under the impression that “fresh” produce offers the ultimate in nutritional benefits. Not so. The term “fresh” produce is misleading, because it has lost a lot of its nutritional value by the time it arrives at your local store. Eating healthy means getting the most dietary benefit from your meal and that’s what you get from canned goods.

Among the proposed new products, Canning had a variety of Luncheon loafs, Vienna sausages and Chicken loaf that consumers tasted and rated according to preference.

The sample group was randomly picked and comprised Meatco executives, managers and factory staff.

Although the public generally embraces and enjoys key benefits of the food supply – value, consistency, and convenience – negative perceptions about “processed foods” also exist. A range of factors contributes to these perceptions, namely quality, traceability and nutritional benefits. With operations running from our excellent processing facility in Windhoek, Meatco produces 23 million cans of quality products annually.

“The aim of the tasting was to get a feel of the target market and see what products are most appealing and to uphold the quality associated with Meatco,” said Canning Manager, Marco Duval.

Every can produced by Meatco can be traced back to the day and time it was manufactured. Our technical team constantly check that procedures and products meet the highest production standards, and that our canned goods will be consistently deliver customer satisfaction.

“The products are of good quality and picking the best from the bunch was not easy,” said Asia Kakorokoro, a Meatco employee.

Meatco Wholesale Manager Martina Kröller, also participated in the tasting and felt that canning had done a good job with this initiative. “The Vienna sausages were relatively good. I would prefer a bit more texture but overall, job well done.”