Meatco supports agricultural trade shows

17 Sep 2015

Meatco continues to engage with farmers at every level at the agricultural shows that have taken place over the last few weeks. In actual fact, it is an important part of our social corporate responsibility.

The recently held exhibition evening at the Okakarara Trade Fair was an important forum that saw farmers from that area exchanging information about the livestock industry.

At the event, the vice president of the Namibia National Farmers Union Ramana Mutjavikua, said they are grateful that Meatco uses forums like these to engage with the farmers. “The livestock industry faces many changes that affect us as farmers, so new information is essential for us to remain on par with our counterparts in the industry.”

Meatco’s Chief Executive Officer Adv. Vekuii Rukoro, expressed his gratitude to the farmers for making the ‟Livestock Event” the most vibrant and enjoyable part of the Okakarara Trade Fair.
Rukoro said that Meatco’s feedlot expansion drive in the Otjozondjupa and Omaheke regions is a strategic response to the threat of South African import measures that could result in the live export of weaners from Namibia becoming almost impossible in the near future.

DSC_1904 Okakarara

Speaking at the occasion, the Meat Board’s manager for trade and strategic marketing Goliath Tujendapi, said his organisation continuously engages and advises the minister on policies that could improve the livestock industry. He urged farmers to be pro-active in adjusting to the policies that will affect them.

He also spoke about the possibility of South Africa closing the border for imports, and encouraged farmers to look into other farming methodologies that will sustain their farming business.

Apart from the exhibition evening, Meatco also supported the Otjiwarongo Show Society in the upgrading and renovating of the holding pens in the livestock section, as well as improvements of the infrastructure where animals are exhibited during the agricultural show.

The show societies of Grootfontein, Gobabis and Rehoboth also received a sponsorship to improve their respective infrastructures.