Meatco recognises long service employees

29 Apr 2015

The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) honoured its long service employees who have dedicated their skills and commitment to Meatco for the past 5 to 35 years. At the event was 95 long-serving members of staff of whom 4 founding members, who have worked at Meatco since its inception when it was known as Swa-meat Corporation (Swavleis) in 1985. Their certificates were tokens of appreciation from Meatco for their commitment and dedication as reflected by their duration of service.

The awards took place at a local hotel on Friday, 24th April 2015. At the ceremony, head of Operations at Meatco factories plants, Janie Breytenbach, shared his excitement, “You have all contributed in this journey to help build Meatco to the business it is today. When Meatco stands proudly as Namibia’s leading meat Export Company it is thanks to you colleagues”.

He further stated that the evening, in addition is to celebrate the significant milestones. It goes without saying that the successful growth of our company is the direct result of the valued employees. In recognition of that commitment, he was pleased to present the Employee Recognition Long Service Awards.

Meatco entered a new era in 2013 when Adv. Vekuii Rukoro was appointed as Meatco Chief Executive Officer. New strategies were implemented in the last two years, which has allowed Meatco to pay the best producer prices in the history of the organisation, highlighted Head of Human Resources, Stanley Hoveka Mbura at the long services awards.

Meatco takes pride in being Namibia’s largest beef exporting company. This exceptional achievement is a combined effort between our Namibian farmers who produce outstanding, naturally raised slaughter cattle, our factories that add value to every product by adhering to the most stringent, extreme and comprehensive quality and food hygiene standards as well as our final products which are packed to maintain the cold chain and able to be traced back to the farm of origin.