Okahandja farmers' association wins Meatco National Braai 2015

01 Apr 2015
Okahandja farmersí association wins Meatco National Braai 2015

Okahandja farmers’ association wins Meatco National Braai 2015

The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) held its annual Meatco National Braai competition on Saturday, 28 March 2015, at Hochfeld. This year the event was hosted by the Meatco National Braai champions of 2014, the Hochfeld Farmers’ Association. It was time to hand over the reigns and Okahandja Farmers’ Association proved that they are worthy of the title when they received first place in the overall winner category, first place in the category for the best prepared steak, as well as third place in the category for the best prepared vegetables.

Okahandja Farmers’ Association triumphantly walked away with the huge cheque of N$100 000 from Meatco of which N$20 000 will be paid directly in their bank account whilst the remaining N$80 000 will be used to host next year’s Meatco National Braai competition in Okahandja.

The family team Tielman Neethling, Carin Neethling and Cobus Möller said they enjoy cooking together and it was a pleasure to be part of the Okahandja team. For a starter they prepared oriental warthog. Their main course was a coffee rub steak with Chimichiri chilli butter, olive and rosemary bread and a warm tomato, bean and feta cheese salad. For dessert they dished up shortbread tart with strawberry and lemon wine topped with a chilli chocolate surprise.

Social teams which include members of the public and other corporate institutions were also allowed to enter the braai competition. Of the 14 social teams that entered the competition, Buddies Workshop swooped up prizes in seven out of the nine the categories: first place in the category most creative stall, second place in the category raw exhibition, first place in the category best prepared vegetables, first place in the category best prepared bread, second place in the category best prepared steak, and first place in the category overall winners. They also received a prize for the team with the best team spirit.

Meatco’s Executive for Livestock Procurement, Heiner Böhme on behalf of Meatco handed over their prize money of N$10 000 for their personal use. The three team members Annel Stadler, Moilise Meyer and Gerald Geldenhuys said they worked together like a well-oiled machine and that was what made their team special. For starters they prepared a VW Lona’O Hoch Hog, for the main they dished up an 80’s Rump with vegetables and peppedew garlic bread and for dessert they prepared a dish called Buddies Dessert, a chocolate-chilli and orange mouse.

The teams were judged according to the following categories: most creative stall, raw exhibition, best prepared starters, best prepared vegetables, best prepared bread, best prepared dessert, best team spirit and best prepared steak. The points that the teams received from the judges in these categories were added together and the team with the most points received the first prize in the category overall winner. Below is a list of all winners in all categories.