Government and MEATCO join hands for drought relief

11 Feb 2015

drought_relief_0Meatco slaughtered a total of 113 cattle provided by the Government for drought relief last week. This followed after the Corporation was approached by the Office of the Prime Minister to slaughter cattle available on Government farms to provide food for Namibians affected by hunger because of the current drought situation.

Of the total number of cattle, 30 were slaughtered at the Oshakati Factory and 83 at the Windhoek Factory. Carcasses will be deboned at Meatco’s Windhoek and Oshakati factories this week, with Oshakati product being transported to Windhoek for further processing afterwards.

Canning operations will continue until the end of next week. The cans will be labeled “Government relief – not for sale”. The remaining offal and bones, which will not be used in the canning process, will be packed in 8-10kg boxes and supplied to Government for further distribution.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Meatco is providing the slaughter and processing service to the Government at cost price. Meatco is proud to partner with Government to help drought-stricken Namibians.