Producer Forums key to enhancing relationships with producers

20 Nov 2020

One of the key function of the Livestock Procurement Division is to host Producer Forums regularly. Producer Forums are vital to enhancing the relationships between Meatco and its key producers.

It will be forums that choose various producers periodically to gauge and create open constructive discussions with key executive staff members of Meatco.  These executives could be from Livestock and Value Addition, Marketing Executive and Livestock Procurement managers.

Topics to be discussed are understanding the Meatco Merit Points and how it could be improved, and Meatco’s market performance and realisation.  The forums will be able to discuss how Meatco’s pricing strategy is set to match the different production systems and thus aligning this with market requirements.

To date, we have had two Producer Forums one at Gobabis and another in Windhoek while a third one is scheduled for Friday, 20 November 2020, in Otavi discussions were and will be topics highlighted above.