Public Enterprises Board Members Undergo Induction Training

06 Nov 2020

Public Enterprises Board Directors that were inducted.

The Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE), as the bearer of good corporate governance in public enterprises, held a two-day induction training with boards of directors falling under that ministry at the Namibia Institute for Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) on 29-30 October 2020.

The induction training aimed at equipping newly appointed directors on the Public Enterprises Governance Act, and the Ministry will conduct the training quarterly with NIPAM.

According to Meatco, the training focused on initiating us, as new board members, on the Public Enterprises Governance Act, Act No. 1 of 2019. Imparting stakeholder expectations and key performance requirements and ensuring a full understanding of the roles, duties and responsibilities of directors, as individuals and as board members.

The directors were trained on boardroom etiquette and the key aspects of corporate governance. Meatco, as a commercial state-owned enterprise that does not operate in isolation but is guided by objectives of striving towards the ‘Growth at Home strategy’. Through our vision, we vow to create sustainable wealth for all Namibians, which drives the mission of inclusivity.

What came out strongly from the training was that, as board members, they should be able to take ownership of their decisions and avoid conflicts of interest to expand positive performances of public enterprises while creating value for all stakeholders.

Directors from the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia, New Era Publication Corporation, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Namibia Industrial Development Agency, Namibian Ports Authority, Namib Desert Diamonds, Namibia Power Corporation and Namibia Tourism Board also attended.