17 Aug 2020

                                                                            URGENT NOTICE


TO:                 ALL MEMBERS OF MEATCO




DATE:            17 AUGUST 2020



Dear esteemed Member of Meatco,


We refer to the Head of State’s media briefing of Wednesday, 12 August 2020, as augmented by the measures communicated by the Hon. Minister of Health and Social Services (MHOSS) regarding adjustments to the country’s COVID-19 interventions applicable until 28 August 2020. We wish to highlight the following pertinent points:


  1. The limit on public gatherings has been reduced from a 100 to 10 persons; and


  1. Travel into and out of Windhoek amongst other areas designated as restricted/high risk is restricted to emergency situations only.


As such, the foregoing new measures materially impact the members’ planned 34th AGM gathering which is scheduled for Friday, 21 August 2020 in Windhoek.


This communique serves to postpone the 34th AGM until such time when:


  1. Public gatherings of at least 100 people are able to safely take place; and


  1. The Windhoek Local Authority area, which is the seat for the 2020 AGM, is no longer classified as a restricted/high risk area and the movement of persons into and from the area is once again able to take place without restrictions.


In the interim while awaiting for the situation to normalise, Meatco will share the Annual Report with the members through the usual communication channels.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you safety.


Yours faithfully,


Johnnie Hamman

Chairperson: Meatco Board of Directors