Meatco donates 25 000 corned meat tins

29 Apr 2020

Meatco, as a responsible corporate citizen, has donated 25 000 tins of quality corned beef to be distributed to people hard hit by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) lockdown.

The company handed over the beef donation to the regional council, which will ensure the parcels reach those who need them most. 

The donated beef comes from Meatco’s canned beef range, which is part of the legacy of its production. The Texan, Eloolo and Ranch brands, which are household names in Namibia and Southern Africa, are part of Meatco’s long and proud tradition.

The canning operation produces between 11 million and 17 million cans of corned beef of various sizes annually and according to specific recipes that many have grown to love. The canned products are ISO-, HACCP- and Halaal-certified.

Meatco entered the canned corned beef market in 1964 with its square-canned Texan, Eloolo and Ranch brands. These brands are sold in the Namibian, South African and West African markets. Two new brands, Longhorn and Cattleman, were introduced to grow the local and regional markets. The Corporation has invested in maintaining and possibly upgrading the canning lines over the years.


Though Meatco Cannery is a relatively small player in the Western African market because it is the only corned meat cannery in Namibia, it has a quality brand that is of an excellent standard and that is what gives the company the edge to compete in this market.

Other countries like South Africa have huge canneries with multiple canning products such as vegetables, fish and other meat products that increase their baskets.