Meatco hosts session on farm to fork

13 Mar 2020

Meatco recently hosted a delegation of livestock stakeholders from Madagascar, jointly supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank.

The delegation was interested in learning more about how Namibia managed to establish an efficient and effective livestock identification and traceability system. Meatco prides itself in selling beef products to high-end retail outlets, restaurant chains, processors and manufacturers around the world. These customers demand products that are healthy and wholesome.

According to Dr Adrianatus Maseke, traceability refers to the capacity to identify the origin of beef. It looks beyond the label to uncover the story of where the product came from before finally reaching a consumer's plate. Thanks to pioneering technology, Meatco provides a great level of traceability precision and accuracy. Meatco consumers can trace our products right back to the original animal, unequivocally guaranteeing farm-to-fork traceability.

The traceability technology allows producers to take pride in their animals, at the same time making Meatco’s job of marketing beef easier, since clients are assured of our standards.

Industry experts are continuously defining sustainable beef production. This involves protecting the land, guarding animal welfare and conserving natural resources.

Traceability helps confirm the genuineness of sustainably-sourced products by guaranteeing their origin. Through regular independent audits at every point in the supply chain, Meatco can support producers' claims by confirming the origin of the beef sold to clients.

Traceability also provides Meatco with fantastic marketing opportunities because consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the inputs and practices used to produce food. Thus, the ability to trace meat to its source is an essential step in sharing this information with consumers.

Dr Maseke made an in-depth presentation on traceability and, along with his team, answered the queries from the delegation.