Riaan De Klerk: Top Ten Producer for December 2019

14 Feb 2020


Riaan De Klerk: Top Ten Producer for December 2019


  1. When did you start farming and what are your core aspirations as a farmer?

I started farming in 1985. My main aspiration will always be, to be a successful producer of food and fodder to sustain a viable industry.


  1. What is your recipe for a successful farming production system, especially with the current unpredictable global warming patterns?


Proper and fine planning is imperative as well as being conservative in your approach without compromising on quality in both the livestock and agronomic sectors.


  1. What advice can you offer or share with fellow farmers during these strenuous times?


Most of my success can be ascribed to diversification.  This is imperative in the spreading of risks in difficult economic times.


  1. Please share a bit on how you feel being December’s Top Producer?


Being credited with this prestigious recognition indicates that I am, for sure on the right path in my whole approach as a farmer.


  1. Any projections for this year concerning the Namibian farming industry?


I am worried that farmers in the south of Namibia are already financially ruined due to the persistent drought since 2013. Although predictions indicate a better year regarding rainfall, the current stock figures are down to an all-time low and farmers are financially ruined. Regarding the agronomic sector, it all depends on the amount of inflow into the Hardap Dam this rainy season. If there is insufficient inflow, this will result in huge layoffs of the workforce, which will have a big negative impact on the socio-economic situation in Mariental.


I suggest that financial institutions should come to the table with plans and measures to assist farmers in the interim.  For example, by beginning to consolidate long-term loans as well as offering relief on the repayment terms. Farming is at a bad juncture and my concern is that many farms will be placed in the market with no current buyers.