Meatco Passes Annual EU Audits

07 Feb 2020

A team from the European Union (EU), on 4 February 2019, conducted a residue and meat hygiene audit on Meatco Namibia,   as an EU export abattoir.

EU legislation has many health and supervisory requirements that guarantee that its imports meet the standards of production in its member states.

For Meatco, being able to export to the EU means it has to maintain very high standards. Therefore, passing this audit is another tick on the maintenance of high standards for it to retain this lucrative market and open avenues to other potential markets. The potential unlocking of these bigger markets would mean more value for the Meatco producer and market diversification opportunities.

The main objective of the EU food safety policy is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and consumers’ interests in relation to food  that take into account diversity and traditional products, among others, while ensuring the effective functioning of the internal market.

Given all the processing in abattoirs, it is essential that quality assurance is maintained. All Meatco's processes are in conformity with international standards and Meatco tests meat daily at its internal laboratory.

Meatco Laboratory Manager, Kali Shapwa, “With the systems currently in place, we are able to trace our meat products. If a problem is detected, we can easily trace the cattle back to the source.”

She added that  Meatco does not compromise on the quality of beef. "It is the best or nothing at all times, to keep the trust our clients have in our meat – from when it is delivered to our abattoirs until the time it leaves," Shapwa said.