Singapore High Commissioner holds trade talks with Meatco

07 Feb 2020

On 30 January 2020, the High Commissioner of the Republic of Singapore, His Excellency Chua Thai-Keong, visited Meatco as part of his representational visit to Namibia. He was also familiarising himself with how Meatco contributes to the economy of Namibia while exploring possible collaboration opportunities between the two nations.

During the visit, Meatco’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Rosa Thobias briefed the High Commissioner and his assistant Jason NG Meng Thong, on Meatco’s business operations, which is a significant aspect in the acquisition of new markets for Meatco.

Thobias, in her brief, shared on how the recurring drought Namibia is recovering from has changed the company’s business dynamics. She further highlighted the company’s Mission and Vision, which state that Meatco has the most sought-after meat brands in selected markets in the long-term interests of its stakeholders.

“This means we cannot compete with big global players such as Argentina and Brazil, to mention but a few. Rather we only compete in selected niche markets where we adhere to high standards for maximum returns,” she said.    

"Namibian beef remains hormone-free, whereby cattle are either free-range or grain-fed raised,” she added.  

The meeting concluded with a question and answer session with the Commissioner, who was especially interested in knowing whether Namibia has the Wagyu breed originally from Japan. The Wagyu breed was introduced to the Namibian market in 2017 through embryos. There are currently seven breeders registered with the Namibian Wagyu Society with about 210 full-blood breeding animals and 250 F1 crossbreeds in the country.